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20 Inspiring Quotes for Starting Fresh

Inspiring quotes for fresh starts and new beginnings. A new year brings a blank slate, the chance to begin again. But really, every day provides us the opportunity for a fresh start. Here are 20 inspiring quotes intended to do just that. 1.


Tone in Writing: The Uplifting Tone Your Writing Needs to Reach Your Readers

Do you write a blog? Mentor other writers? Parent a tiny version of yourself? Then you’re a coach! While you may not work in a classroom or on the field, odds are you practice some form of teaching and coaching that impacts the lives of others.


5 Essential Books On Writing – The Writing Cooperative

Every writer needs a collection of solid craft books. Some might help you craft more concise sentences, sell more books, or create killer plot outlines. Others might lead you to reflect on the writing life and why you want - or need - to write. A combination of solid how-to advice and opportunities for contemplation is ideal.


What Not to Do When NaNoWriMo Ends

Writers across the globe spent a frenzied month neglecting their laundry, sneaking writing time at lunch, and compulsively checking their word counts. Whether you won, lost, or didn’t participate at all, here’s what NOT to do the day after NaNoWriMo ends.



7 Tips, Tricks and Reminders For Becoming a Better Writer

Prior to giving a briefing in Vietnam in front of a team of his superiors, my dad put his words in front of his commanding officer. 45 minutes later when his boss finished reading, he turned to him and said, “This is good, but cut it down to 3 minutes.”


Column | The pen is mightier than the fear: Writing with anxiety

As a kid, I filled journals at a rapid pace, to the point where my collection of literature was rivaled by my collection of notebooks. When I was 12, my mother bought me a digital typewriter for Christmas – its memory was at capacity before the new year.



Write Like a Human: 5 Ways to Truly Enchant Your Readers

Heather thought she’d found the perfect tone for her writing. She knew it … this article would be so good, that her readers would feel touched and inspired. She felt excited. She had finally found her voice, and was writing with passion, power, and pizzazz. Yay! She brewed a cup of evening tea.