The author… Hey, that’s me!

All that you need to know (or not) about me! Really? Well, here we go…

The epitome of all “book worms”,  I grew up an avid reader, fascinated with words, of course, but even more with imaginary worlds. How I would have loved to be there, just a single instant, in stories of Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Roald Dahl, John Grisham. I named a few, but there were so many more, from so many different countries.

When I started to write in high school, it was a revelation, words darkened the pages at an impressive speed. I think I was the only student in the whole school with a restriction on the quantity of pages I could write for homework and exams. I started writing little stories about my friends and each episode was a much awaited event at lunch time.

Then, I grew up and between working as a translator, my beloved horses and my many travels, my readings shifted. I craved for more action, exotic lands and heroes that could save the world over and over again using only a hair pin and sheer will. To tell the truth, I was searching for something more, but I didn’t know what yet.

I remember that day, I finally found what I was looking for. It was during lunch. I often ate quickly to go to the bookstore nearby. You avid readers, you know what the effect the smell of new, opened books can have on your senses.  It’s simply addictive.

I was browsing, not really minding where I was going, when my eyes caught a book cover. A faceless man wearing a bright white uniform adorned with medals. Prince Joe by Suzanne Brockmann.  Prince Joe

It was my very first romance novel and I fell in love with the genre. Falling in love is a euphemism! After that revelation, I read everything I would get my hands on and bought so many books, it was dizzying. When the vice-president of your favorite library sends you a personal letter, thanking you for your business, that tells you something!

Well, years passed by and I felt that strange compulsion to reach for my pen again. The romance genre was a no-brainer for me. I thought long and hard about what I liked in my favorite stories, in my favorite characters and they were born. As simple as that.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

From me, to you, incredible readers!


India xx