I love the possibilities, or impossibilities, of situations where everything is lost from the start. My heroines and heroes of the Women of Purgatory Series have seen the worst of humanity, have fought for their lives until they had no strength in their body and soul, and yet, they stumble upon something they never knew they would have again: peace, hope, freedom or simply, and ultimately, love. I believe it’s what every human being strives for at the end and longs for inside their hearts. And it’s what inspired me to create this series.

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Three women working for an underground organization called “Purgatory”. Each of them at a crossroad that will make or break them:

In To Fool an Assassin, Gabrielle has lost hope. The sins of her past and her road to redemption have taken their toll until there was nothing left of her. However, destiny had other plans. Jumping into action for what she believed would be her swan song, an enemy roared its ugly face. People she trusted, the very agency she believed in turned against her,  and inevitably forced her to hope again by accepting the help of an unexpected and very dangerous ally.

In To Blind a Sniper, Mac has willingly closed the door on her past and her disapproving family to become the person she believed she was meant to be, deep down inside. Her decision made her sacrifice pieces of her soul she never thought she would get back again, until a deadly predator goes after the people she loved more than life itself. To succeed, she had to open the door she thought closed forever, and allow a warrior in to help her.

In To Trick a Hacker, Dylan’s past had scarred her to the bone, and between ending her life or returning to it, she chose to hide behind an alias instead; Dogberry. From her self-imposed seclusion, her illusion of isolation shattered as a ghost from her past came back to life, burning all her bridges, cutting all her ties to the world.  At her most vulnerable, she will only find her way back to light through the eyes of the only person who remained by her side.


Don’t worry, all three stories can be read independently, and I can’t resist a happily ever after! 🙂


My women, the Women of Purgatory, represent the many facets of who we are in this world.  My characters have great qualities, deep flaws, but their doubts and hopes force them to move forward, deepening their connections to themselves, forcing them to open their hearts to other possibilities. They are amazingly strong, and even more strong-headed sometimes, but I had to write about them, making their voices heard.

So here are their stories, here are the Women of Purgatory…