Mr. Sorenson, tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Owen Sorenson, I can’t give you much detail, but I’m a Navy SEAL, and because of my expertise and experience I’m often called to consult for other organizations and missions. Because of my brothers, it was obvious I would get involved in Purgatory missions one way or another.

Can you tell our readers where you were born or something about your family?
My mom moved a lot at the beginning of my life. I have two older brothers, Wesley and Lance (Lancelot if we really want to irritate him). Both of them are also Navy SEALs. We are a tight-knit family.

And your father?
Next question.

Are you in love at the moment? And if so, what was the first thing that attracted you to that person?
No love. It’s not part of my plan and never has been. My life is complicated and my past even more so. I would never let a woman into my mess. And I doubt any of them would be able to cope with it anyway.

Even if women are off the table, what attracts you in them?
A woman that can hold her own. I’m the son of a very strong and resilient woman. I want to be a partner, not a caretaker. Respect is the basis of a relationship. At least, it’s what I see in the marriage of my older brother Wes, and it’s working so there may be some truth in it.

What are your thoughts on some of the other characters in To Trick a Hacker?
Speaking of strong, Dylan is one kick-ass lady. I don’t know any man, hell, any human being who would have survived and thrived as she did after everything that happened to her. But there something else about, I can sense it. She has a boatload of secrets and I don’t know if I like that. My brothers are coming for the ride too. And a bunch of Purgatory people. They are decent folks.

You don’t like secrets? Is it a deal breaker for you?
*hesitating* I believe that everyone is entitled to have secrets, but it’s when they can become a threat to the mission and the safety of the team members that they are unacceptable. I’ve worked too hard to right wrongs and get the bad guys to willingly cross that line.

Is there one thing about what you do in To Trick a Hacker that will surprise our readers?
In this story, nothing is done half-assed. What you see is what you get. And it seems I have to be pushed to the extreme too, as well as the other characters. The stronger the challenge, the stronger the emotions.

Why should we buy To Trick a Hacker?
To Trick a Hacker is deep and dark, a real roller-coaster ride. It pushes the limits of all characters, until only the very truth emerges. People are pushed apart and drawn closer in the same intensity until only good prevails.

Last question. What’s the one thing you fear?
I never think about what I fear. It only works as a warning. My primary goal is always to keep people in my charge safe. A wise man uses fear to his advantage to better analyze the situation, strike right back and succeed.