Miss Harris, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Dylan Harris, I’ve worked as a cop for several years before becoming a detective. Unfortunately, one of my cases turned sour. Let’s just say that I survived, being saved by a woman who is now my dear friend. My trauma prevented me from returning to the force, but with my talents with computers I could pay her back without putting myself at risk anymore.

When you are talking about your talents with computers, you are referring to you being a hacker, as the rumor tells.
*grin* I won’t confirm that.

For fun, let’s say you are a hacker. How could you still be one of the good guys? With every possible information at your fingertips, wouldn’t be tempting to just do as you please?
I believe in justice. And the more I worked as a cop, the more I saw bastards getting away due to lack of proof or technicalities. I want the bad guys to pay for what they have done, but I don’t seek revenge for myself. I don’t want to blur that line. Not even if I was a hacker.

Can you tell our readers where you were born or something about your family?
My family is Beatrice Dante and the Purgatory team. My parents died when I was an infant, so I’ve spent my early life bouncing from one foster home to another. No other siblings, but I made a few friends along the way.
Are you in love at the moment? And if so, what was the first thing that attracted you to that person?
Love is out of the question. I won’t give details, but the last man who saw me naked couldn’t stand it. There is no man strong enough, or compassionate enough in this world to love me. Not anymore. That’s why I only focus on my work.

Even if men are off the table, what attracts you in them?
Before what happened to me, I had a fondness for kind, intellectual men. And now? I don’t know. I guess my tastes haven’t changed that much. As love won’t be an issue anymore, I didn’t give it much thought.

What are your thoughts on some of the other characters in To Trick a Hacker?
I mostly interact with Purgatory members, and I’m beginning to see annoying patterns. They are so pushy and controlling! It’s incredible! Nothing I can’t handle, of course. I’ve wrestled with very dangerous people in my career, it’s not as if I am a dainty flower! And that Owen Sorenson guy, I think he has an agenda. He’s too understanding, patient and calm. He’s up to something.

You don’t like secrets? Is it a deal breaker for you?

My whole life is a secret. Wait! Don’t write that! What I mean is some things are better left unsaid. And sometimes, secrecy is the best way to protect people you love and get the bad guy.

Is there one thing about what you do in To Trick a Hacker that will surprise our readers?
There is a lot of action and dangerous situations, but for me, I’m taking far greater risks than I ever expected. I never thought I would have to test my skills and push my limits to that extent. Ever.

Why should we buy To Trick a Hacker?
To Trick a Hacker is a story of healing, but also of trust. How far would you bare your soul to protect the people closest to you, and how much courage would you need to let people see who you really are?

Last question. What’s the one thing you fear?
Fear had burned and scarred me inside out. I don’t think I’ll ever fear again for myself. But I suspect that my weak spot is how I would fear for the life and well-being of my friends and those under my protection.