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Cover And Synopsis Unveiling!

Time is speeding by and my head is spinning! Everything is going way too fast!! And the holidays are here! Ho! Ho! Ho!

But still, I keep writing, getting in the final publishing stages of the third book of my Women of Purgatory series. If luck is on my side, at the beginning of 2017, my brand new and incredibly hot story should be launched! 🙂

I’m going to tease you a little now, by unveiling the cover and synopsis of To Trick a Hacker! This is the wonderful work of Deranged Doctor Design; great creative, friendly, dedicated people! The synopsis is just below! I’ll keep you posted for the official launch date of the ebook and paperback.
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Happy holidays to you all! Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for us!

India xx

To Trick a Hacker – Synopsis
Her only way to salvation is through Purgatory …

Former homicide detective and only survivor of the most vicious serial killer ever known, Dylan now hides under the pseudonym Dogberry, a talented hacker threading the dark Web, and one very powerful ally of Purgatory, an organization dedicated to desperate and impossible missions. When the situation is hopeless, she’s the one to call, until a dragon she had slain a long time ago comes back to haunt her.

To protect Dylan, Purgatory sends her a dark knight. Owen Sorenson. The Navy SEAL and black operative may appear harmless, even friendly, but underneath the golden charm and searing blue eyes, is lurking a barely contained war machine. Nothing Dylan can’t handle. After all, she has vowed to avoid all human contact, making the tempting man forever out of her reach. The damage on her body and soul is extensive, but she soon realizes that the man bound to protect her has faced devious demons before, leaving him far from unscathed.

On the run, desperate to catch a serial killer that won’t stay dead, Dylan has no choice but to accept Owen’s help and reopen old wounds that had barely time to heal. The SEAL is determined to be her shield, but the more they fight, the more she’s desperate to protect him instead. Dylan will use all the help she can get from Purgatory and risk everything along the way to finally get free from her past. But what if the key to getting her life back was to trust Owen? Would she be willing to risk him?

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Official Launch Day – To Blind a Sniper!

I am very proud to present my new romantic suspense novel TO BLIND A SNIPER, Women of Purgatory 2.

A standalone novel with great characters, filled with adrenaline, suspense and love, and a happily ever after ending. 🙂To Blind a Sniper

Meet Mac, a kickass sniper who has a few skeletons in her closet, and one nice ghost! One of the best in the business, she makes one unfortunate mistake that turns her world upside down, forever. Struggling to survive, she’s forced to cohabit with a handsome, but very annoying Navy SEAL, Wesley Sorenson with dark ghosts of his own. Her mission is a priority and there is no way she’s going to hide behind any man. Until she doesn’t have a choice anymore and realizes that not only her life is on the line.


For a limited time, To Blind a Sniper is available on Amazon at $0.99 or free on KU

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India xx


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Pre-Launch of To Blind of Sniper, Women of Purgatory 2

Hello dear readers!

I am very excited to announce the pre-launch of To Blind a Sniper, Book 2 of the Women of Purgatory trilogy.

A little less than one month before the official launch of my second book on November 1, and I couldn’t be prouder. Now available for preorder:

To Blind a SniperAmazon US:

Amazon CA:

Amazon UK:





Here the synopsis and cover reveal! Enjoy!


India xx


The only way to escape is through Purgatory …


Mac is the best sniper ever recruited by Purgatory, with an eye like a hawk and an instinct for opportunity. She never misses her target … until one fateful mission where the tables are turned in a brutal way. Now the predator has become the prey and she has to hide. All she has to do is lay low for a while, but it may not be easy, especially not above a BDSM Club with so many flamboyant and distracting characters close by.


Despite her best intentions, one man draws her like no other; the brother of the club owner, Wesley Sorenson. The Navy SEAL is on leave, broken and wounded, shutting down everybody attempting to approach him. Mac is way over her head in trouble, but finds it impossible to abandon him drowning in darkness. Unfortunately, she should have guessed that once tempted back into the light, the warrior wouldn’t easily let her push him away. And there is no way she is bringing him into her mess. Until she has no other choice. Forced to protect the family that shunned her a long time ago, Mac and Wes will have to drop their masks, both to survive and stay together. The most dangerous man in the world is out for blood, and they will need more than courage and skills to see it through. Sometimes, winning a fight requires the greatest sacrifice of all.

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Gratitude and Fireworks

Last July, for the first time in my life, I achieved an incredible milestone: publishing my first book.

In the whirlwind of polishing my manuscript, collaborating to the design of my cover, starting promotion and getting the word out, I was overwhelmed. Without even realizing it, I jumped into my next project without even glancing back, without taking a moment to appreciate what I had just accomplished.

I had published a book. My book.fireworks

When we finally reach a goal, one we have strived for so long, hoped with all our heart, lost sleep over, worked hard for, we must take a step back to appreciate it. There may not be applauding crowds or fireworks waiting for you, but your joy, your pride and your fulfillment should be honored too.

And it’s with a full heart and endless gratitude that I wish to thank my friends, my collaborators, but also my readers. My list of fans is growing every day, and I’m thrilled to welcome you.

I hope you enjoy my stories. Stay tuned, I’ll have news about my next release very soon!

With all my gratitude,

India xx


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Publishing a Book or Jumping Off a Cliff!

I can’t believe I’m going to say this. There are so many butterflies in my belly, I think I’m going to take flight! No joke!
My book, To Fool an Assassin, is now on pre-order, to be launched officially next Tuesday, July 19, 2016!

It’s so incredible that I hardly believe it myself. When I first started to work on the idea of that novel, I never thought that it would be the ONE. The one to go through the hoops, the one to achieve all the steps leading to this moment. The one to open the door to others, giving me the courage to write some more!

It’s only the beginning of my journey, but the first step is an important one. I am incredibly grateful for everyone in my life who helped me, with their presence, kindness and friendship, to light my way. It’s not over; there is a long road ahead, but I know now that we must celebrate what was achieved while keeping an eye where this adventure may lead me.

I wish you all to find what makes your heart sing, as this feeling is like no other, and is worth every hour, every tear, every sacrifice it may require to bloom.

Go to my website to have more information or sign up for my newsletter.

I’ll be back for the official launch on Tuesday!

In the meantime, dream on!

India xx

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Battles and Celebrations: The Journey of a Writer


Writing is a battle against the brain, against time, against frustration, against doubt, and so many other obstacles that sometimes I wonder why I do it! ImaginationAnd then I remember the heady rush when I dive into a scene, as well as the characters in my head screaming to get out. The satisfaction of reaching a well-deserved happily ever after for all of them brings me such joy that I can easily forget all the rest.

When the decision to write a novel is taken, that’s when the first battle begins; weaving images, sensations, dialogues and colors into a coherent, interesting and passionate story. And the process doesn’t stop there; revision, editing and correction line up on an ever-increasing checklist. Once that threshold has been passed, another dragon needs to be slain; allowing other eyes to see the deepest corners of our imagination.

And once bolstered by the happy comments and wise revisions of your beta readers, it is time to start the second battle: launching that novel into the world and let it take flight. Where the first battle was much like a marathon, the second looks more like a cross-continental journey. So many steps to take, so many details to think about, at times, it appears like an impossible task.
Once upon a timeAnd then, after hours of writing, designing, creating, suffering, crying and hesitating, there is a time for celebrating. In my case, let’s call it a pre-celebration. The official launch of my website, just before the publication of my first book. The real celebration I can’t wait to share with you!

So, after many battles, let’s rejoice! Another journey opens up, and I hope it will lead to many other celebrations and many other books. That’s what comes to mind now, when I can’t remember why I write anymore.


Welcome to my world, my friends and readers, the adventure only just begins…

Keep an eye for the official publication date of my new book, To Fool an Assassin. More details coming very soon!


India xx




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