Time is speeding by and my head is spinning! Everything is going way too fast!! And the holidays are here! Ho! Ho! Ho!

But still, I keep writing, getting in the final publishing stages of the third book of my Women of Purgatory series. If luck is on my side, at the beginning of 2017, my brand new and incredibly hot story should be launched!ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Iโ€™m going to tease you a little now, by unveiling the cover and synopsis of To Trick a Hacker! This is theย wonderful work of Deranged Doctor Design; great creative, friendly, dedicated people! The synopsis is just below! Iโ€™ll keep you posted for the official launch date of the ebook and paperback.
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Happy holidays to you all! Canโ€™t wait to see what 2017 holds for us!

India xx

To Trick a Hacker – Synopsis
Her only way to salvation is through Purgatory โ€ฆ

Former homicide detective and only survivor of the most vicious serial killer ever known, Dylan now hides under the pseudonym Dogberry, a talented hacker threading the dark Web, and one very powerful ally of Purgatory, an organization dedicated to desperate and impossible missions. When the situation is hopeless, sheโ€™s the one to call, until a dragon she had slain a long time ago comes back to haunt her.

To protect Dylan, Purgatory sends her a dark knight. Owen Sorenson. The Navy SEAL and black operative may appear harmless, even friendly, but underneath the golden charm and searing blue eyes, is lurking a barely contained war machine. Nothing Dylan canโ€™t handle. After all, she has vowed to avoid all human contact, making the tempting man forever out of her reach. The damage on her body and soul is extensive, but she soon realizes that the man bound to protect her has faced devious demons before, leaving him far from unscathed.

On the run, desperate to catch a serial killer that wonโ€™t stay dead, Dylan has no choice but to accept Owenโ€™s help and reopen old wounds that had barely time to heal. The SEAL is determined to be her shield, but the more they fight, the more sheโ€™s desperate to protect him instead. Dylan will use all the help she can get from Purgatory and risk everything along the way to finally get free from her past. But what if the key to getting her life back was to trust Owen? Would she be willing to risk him?

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