I am very proud to present my new romantic suspense novel TO BLIND A SNIPER, Women of Purgatory 2.

A standalone novel with great characters, filled with adrenaline, suspense and love, and a happily ever after ending. πŸ™‚To Blind a Sniper

Meet Mac, a kickass sniper who has a few skeletons in her closet, and one nice ghost! One of the best in the business, she makes one unfortunate mistake that turns her world upside down, forever. Struggling to survive, she’s forced to cohabit with a handsome, but very annoying Navy SEAL, Wesley Sorenson with dark ghosts of his own. Her mission is a priority and there is no way she’s going to hide behind any man. Until she doesn’t have a choice anymore and realizes that not only her life is on the line.


For a limited time, To Blind a Sniper is available on Amazon at $0.99 or free on KU http://amzn.to/2dwalDq

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India xx


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