Last July, for the first time in my life, I achieved an incredible milestone: publishing my first book.

In the whirlwind of polishing my manuscript, collaborating to the design of my cover, starting promotion and getting the word out, I was overwhelmed. Without even realizing it, I jumped into my next project without even glancing back, without taking a moment to appreciate what I had just accomplished.

I had published a book. My book.fireworks

When we finally reach a goal, one we have strived for so long, hoped with all our heart, lost sleep over, worked hard for, we must take a step back to appreciate it. There may not be applauding crowds or fireworks waiting for you, but your joy, your pride and your fulfillment should be honored too.

And it’s with a full heart and endless gratitude that I wish to thank my friends, my collaborators, but also my readers. My list of fans is growing every day, and I’m thrilled to welcome you.

I hope you enjoy my stories. Stay tuned, I’ll have news about my next release very soon!

With all my gratitude,

India xx


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