I can’t believe I’m going to say this. There are so many butterflies in my belly, I think I’m going to take flight! No joke!
My book, To Fool an Assassin, is now on pre-order, to be launched officially next Tuesday, July 19, 2016!

It’s so incredible that I hardly believe it myself. When I first started to work on the idea of that novel, I never thought that it would be the ONE. The one to go through the hoops, the one to achieve all the steps leading to this moment. The one to open the door to others, giving me the courage to write some more!

It’s only the beginning of my journey, but the first step is an important one. I am incredibly grateful for everyone in my life who helped me, with their presence, kindness and friendship, to light my way. It’s not over; there is a long road ahead, but I know now that we must celebrate what was achieved while keeping an eye where this adventure may lead me.

I wish you all to find what makes your heart sing, as this feeling is like no other, and is worth every hour, every tear, every sacrifice it may require to bloom.

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I’ll be back for the official launch on Tuesday!

In the meantime, dream on!

India xx

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