Writing is a battle against the brain, against time, against frustration, against doubt, and so many other obstacles that sometimes I wonder why I do it! ImaginationAnd then I remember the heady rush when I dive into a scene, as well as the characters in my head screaming to get out. The satisfaction of reaching a well-deserved happily ever after for all of them brings me such joy that I can easily forget all the rest.

When the decision to write a novel is taken, that’s when the first battle begins; weaving images, sensations, dialogues and colors into a coherent, interesting and passionate story. And the process doesn’t stop there; revision, editing and correction line up on an ever-increasing checklist. Once that threshold has been passed, another dragon needs to be slain; allowing other eyes to see the deepest corners of our imagination.

And once bolstered by the happy comments and wise revisions of your beta readers, it is time to start the second battle: launching that novel into the world and let it take flight. Where the first battle was much like a marathon, the second looks more like a cross-continental journey. So many steps to take, so many details to think about, at times, it appears like an impossible task.
Once upon a timeAnd then, after hours of writing, designing, creating, suffering, crying and hesitating, there is a time for celebrating. In my case, let’s call it a pre-celebration. The official launch of my website, just before the publication of my first book. The real celebration I can’t wait to share with you!

So, after many battles, let’s rejoice! Another journey opens up, and I hope it will lead to many other celebrations and many other books. That’s what comes to mind now, when I can’t remember why I write anymore.


Welcome to my world, my friends and readers, the adventure only just begins…

Keep an eye for the official publication date of my new book, To Fool an Assassin. More details coming very soon!


India xx




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